Bootstrap Installation 4.1.0: in case of error!

In the world of Open Source things never go as they should go! And even the seemingly innocuous task of installing the sources and the now consolidated Bootstrap dependencies may hold some surprises. I downloaded the ZIP archive of Bootstrap sources from their official download page.

After extracting the archive into a folder of my choice I started the installation of dependencies as instructed. And, as you can see for yourself, I have had a few complaints.

As I said, with open source software such things happen frequently. The programmer’s job is made, in fact, at least 50% of his time, the resolution of this kind of problems (that have nothing to do with the actual programming). So, I was armed with patience (lowering) and I tried to figure it out.

As you know (if already you delight of these things) Node is a JavaScript interpreter, equipped with APIs that extend its capabilities, which allows the execution of JavaScript scripts in the system environment. NPM is the Node Package Manager and has become an ubiquitous tool, a de facto standard for the development of Web software and the management of packages and dependencies.

However! Following divine insight I thought that the problem of my installation was due to some folder permissions. So I went to look around the place where they are installed all of the packages node, or in the directory /usr/local/lib/node_modules. Once I checked them in the configuration of the content permissions.



And in fact, some directories are owned by root. That could create some inconvenience. So I changed the owner of all the folders in this way.

After making this change, I tried again to run npm install and everything went well, except for some error message that you can ignore (I think).