Making "Messie Ness": tools to aid previsualization - Part 2

Created in 7/24/2023, 12:00:00 AM

After months I have been finally able to find some time to fix my Gatsby based Website at and so, I am again able to continue writing my articles.

This morning I took some time to review the state of 3D previsualizzation and support material for my comic book series WIP "Messie Ness".

The latest relevant changes I made are dated december 1, 2022. In that day I was in hospital waiting to be discharged. Since then, I didn't touch Messie Ness morph for Daz3D Genesis 8.1 Base Female before this morning.

That last product was the result of a couple of fixes:

  1. I fixed the teeth mesh in Blender, since editing the earlier version, I messed it up when exporting the OBJ to be modified in Blender: "Mouth Realism HD" and "Mouth Realism 8.1 HD" parameters should be set to 0% before exporting.
  2. I did some basic hairstilyng.

To fix the teeth (while keeping all other morphs) I exported Genesis 8.1 Base Female once again, this time with "Mouth Realism HD" and "Mouth Realism 8.1 HD" parameters set to 0%. Once in Blender, I replaced the teeth in Messie Ness mesh with those of this new imported mesh.


Though it was not enough because, if you modify the mesh in a destructive way (i.e. replacing vertices), Blender modifies the vertex order and the morph will not work propertly once imported in Daz Studio. Therefore, before exporting, it is necessary to restore the correct vertex order. To do it I taken advantage of an addon: Transfer Vertex Order by Jose Conseco (aka bartoszstyperek).

It's a long and boring process but useful when you don't want to trash all your work because of a little mistake. And it is useful even if you have to simmetryze the two halves of a character mesh, since Genesis 8.1 Base Female mash seems to not work properly in Blender with Simmetryze option enabled in Edit Mode.

For what concerns the hairstyle, I just wanted to try the Daz Studio internal hair editing tool. I must say that I found it quite disapponting: clumsny, slow and laking of several foundamental features that every artistic software should provide. To summarize, editing strand hairs in Daz Studio is quite hard, maybe this is the reason for it's hard to find stranded hairs in the official store and even the unofficial ones.


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