The importance of being alien - The making of Raimond Scarf

Created in 3/13/2022, 12:00:00 AM, updated in 3/15/2022, 12:00:00 AM

An year is passed since I had the idea to create my favorite character: Raimond Scarf.

Inspiration came from my personal condition a feeling that accompanied me for the entirety of my life, to be somehow disconnected from the common human society.

My thoughts seemd to be different from those of the majority of human beings, even the way I organize, analize and process reality. Even what triggers my emotions and feelings and how they manifest.

<img src="./20220317_171328_the_importance_of_being_alien_first_sketch.png" />

After years struggling with such issues I begun to feel very sick.

Suddenly a stream of ideas begun to come out of my mind...

One day, in an attempt to lower the intensity of such bad feelings, I begun to carefully analize the situation. Analizing everything helps me cope with this alienating emotion.

I think I was preparing an espresso with my moka when, thinking to that feeling of being like "alien", I pronounced the sentence "The importance of being alien".

Written by Marco Frisan , software engineer, artist and musician, who lives and works in Trieste, Italy... hopefuly crafting extraordinary products.
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